LPI Rewards

Using our rewards system is easy. You'll earn rewards just for shopping with us. All you need to do, is sign up with an account and be logged in when you make a purchase.

What are the Rewards

LeadPro rewards its loyal members with Store Credit for every purchase made. The amount you earn is based on how much you spend (not valid on Gift Cards, Business 2 Business or Wholesale purchases).

  •  First Purchase
    • 10% of first purchase back in store credit 
  • Lifetime Loyalty Program - Our Lifetime Loyalty program is divided into 3 tiers. When your LIFETIME total spent has reached the required amount to qualify for a tier level, you will receive the reward percentage for that tier level.  Your lifetime total will continue to grow as you spend. When you reach a new tier level, your discount percentage will adjust also. 


OVER $1500 10%
SILVER $750 - $1499 5%
BRONZE $300 - $749 2%
    • Reviews
      • Like our product? Give us a great review and we’ll issue 5% of your total order back to you in store credit.

    • Referral 
      • Like our brand? Send a personal code to friends and family and you'll both receive store credit. They will receive an additional $5 store credit if they become a member on top of their First Purchase Reward. You'll receive a gift of 10% of their first purchase as store credit if they complete the purchase using your personal link. You can find your personal link in the rewards widget. 

        If you like referrals, check out our Affiliate program and earn money you can deposit in your bank. Sign up here.

        How to sign up for LPI Rewards (NOTE: The Rewards Widget has been temporarily removed)

        1. You can sign up at the top right hand of the navigation
        2. You can sign up at using the LPI Rewards widget on the bottom right of your browser

        How can I find my rewards

        You can find your rewards in two locations. The same two locations you log in. You must log into your account to see your balance. 

        (NOTE: The Rewards Widget has been temporarily removed)

        How do I use my rewards

        To use your rewards balance, you'll need your Loyalty Card Code. Copy and paste your Loyalty Card Code at the checkout page.

        Note: LPI Rewards and Reward Program is subject to change.